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Balancing Blocks

Balancing Blocks by Fort Standard.
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Awwww... it's nice to that Benetton's new CEO Alessandro Benetton sticks to what made the company successful in the first place and shows some balls.

Agency: 72andSunny, Netherlands
Creative Director: Erik Ravelo (Fabrica)
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Hmmm... or is there?
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George Lois
George Lois

When working on the Tommy Hilfiger campaign earlier this year I stumbled over the work of George Lois (born 1931, in the Bronx, NYC). George Lois is an advertising man and was basically the reason why Tommy Hilfiger became successful.
But he was not only doing advertising – and quite good one (a rare occasion) – but also beautiful covers for the Esquire magazine.
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Some amazing old advertisings and posters from the good old Swissair times:
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Up There

This is a documentary about a beautiful, but dying craft, at least in the western world. It was payed by beer maker Stella Artoise, a surprisingly smart move of them.
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London based design studio This Is Real Art created seven films for the satellite operator Astra, covering everything you need to know about the operation of a satellite. See here part two.
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MIH Watch

Generally I don't like watches. But this one hits the spot. It's the child of three Swiss men, Ludwig Oechslin (commission), Paul Gerber (engineering) and Christian Gaffner (design). It's design and mechanics are just beautiful.

Via Swissmiss.
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Hand powered saw

The Jointmaker Pro R2 was engineered by an American company, the blade is Japanese. Looks very efficient, would be a good try for our new production line.
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Kristofer Ström

Kristofer Ström is the man behind this animation. Interesting Making Off.
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Giuseppe Demaio is a copy cat
Giuseppe Demaio is a copy cat

Yet another case of copy-paste. On the left a work called Meet Feet (2001) by US Margot Knight and on the right a still of the Nike commercial (ca. 2008) by Australia's Giuseppe Demaio.
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Microsoft House Party

My god, this is brilliant, I love this! Via CR.
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LX Forty

You have to hate Mark Forster after what he did in the last Bond movie (especially after Martin Campbell's brilliant Casiono Royale). But the guys at MK12 did a very good good job on this one.
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Tita Milano
Tita Milano

Tita Milano is a new Milanese advertising agency, founded by our Italian friends Giuseppe Mazza, Emanuele Basso and Sonia Rocchi. They also did the print advertising for Quiero Alas, the clothing label of former copywriter in crime: Elena Carella.
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Advertising vs Reality
Advertising vs Reality

Pundo 3000 by Samuel Mueller (Berlin) is comparing the images on food package with its content.
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Rolling Stones

Sometimes it feels just like that. Commercials for the Rolling Stones magazine...
by La Comunidad in Buenos Aires.
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Diversity of Species
Diversity of Species

Advertising by Ogilvy, Germany.
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Vogue India
Vogue India

An Indian man models a Burberry umbrella worth $200.

Sometimes it's so easy. Take a big luxury goods institution. Take some poor, hiv positive, imprisoned, or other ignored people. Combine. Voila, your company dearly cares about the world.

Via NYT.
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The studio of Kina Larsson and Jonas Joelsson (former Fabrica member), based in Stockholm. Have a look at their portfolio.
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Nice animation for Havaianas. Can't wait for Summer.
By BBDO and and Three Legged Legs.
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Damn Boots

Made by Johannes Leonardo.
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A new campaign from Think, England. Via Dan:
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Benetton in Africa
Benetton in Africa
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Réinvente ton jeu

By Wieden + Kennedy for Fifa Street.
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